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Elastic Strength News, Issue #001 --What's Love Got To Do With Strength?
June 01, 2100
Greetings and Salutations!

This week we in the USA celebrate Valentine's day, a holiday about LOVE.

Like many other holidays this one has become a cash cow for big businesses selling junk foods.

I suggest you show your appreciation to your loved ones not with chocolates, but with REAL FOOD, by which I mean: meat. Sweet chocolates are transient pleasure, long term poison.

According to an article entilted "Does Chocolate Addiction Exist?" on PsychCentral:

“Chocolate contains several biologically active ingredients, all of which can cause abnormal behaviors and psychological sensations like those of other addictive substances. Researchers at the University of Tampere in Finland found that self-proclaimed chocolate ‘addicts’ salivated more in the presence of chocolate, and showed a more negative mood and higher anxiety. The researchers state that chocolate addicts show traits of regular addiction, because they exhibit craving for chocolate, irregular eating behavior, and abnormal moods.”

A box of chocolates can make your loved one sick and weak. Is that what you want?

Not me. I want my loved ones to be strong and healthy and not pitifully addicted to mind-altering plants.

Nothing says “I LOVE YOU” more truly than a gift of juicy grilled ribeye or T-bone, which will make her healthier, happier, smarter, leaner and stronger.

If your loved ones don't understand the benefits of meat, consider gifting them a copy of The Hypercarnivore Diet to enlighten them.

Say ‘I LOVE YOU” every day by giving your loved ones the best possible version of yourself. Build and maintain your health, strength and mobility. Your immediate loved ones and your nation (I mean your ethnic nation, not any political entity) need strong, mobile, smart and healthy men and women.

Meat-eating made humans smart and it will keep you smart and strong for a lifetime. Resistance training also enhances and maintains cognitive ability.

If you LOVE your loved ones, do everything possible to be independent, starting with establishing independence of mind and body. Be the one who is able to help, not the one who needs help.

Stay Strong and Free,


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