Capitalism arises from Human Nature as the free expression of the Natural Law Principle of self-ownership.  Socialism is a false and immoral doctrine that causes poverty and suffering because it violates the Natural Law principle of self-ownership.

Using Your Head

After birth, you have only two ways to acquire Property in this world:  By 1) honest homesteading (transforming natural resources by your own labor), producing, or trading, or by 2) using force or fraud to take Property from homesteaders, producers and traders.  

By Natural Law, no one other than you can occupy or operate your body or mind.  Therefore, no one other than you has a legitimate claim on your body, mind, labor or produce of your labor.  You own yourself and anything you produce.

How do you produce Property?  By investing your Property, your self, in honest labor transforming natural resources into Goods.

Specifically, by using your head – which houses your super powers of self-awareness, intelligence, ambition, and free will, along with your Natural gifts and talents – you can produce Goods and Services that improve human life.  You invest your self – your Property – and get a return on your investment.

Whatever you produce through use of your own powers – your Properties – is your own Property.  It belongs to you because it is an extension of you: your produce exists only because you have mixed yourself – your unique creativity and labor – into it.  

Just as you own your body and mind, you own what you have produced, until you freely decide to trade your produce – your Goods or Services – with someone else to acquire some other Goods or Services.  

Using Your Head = Capitalism

Capitalism is not what the parasites want you to think it is. 

The word "capitalism" comes from the Latin roots caput and capitalis, meaning “head” and “of the head,” respectively.

A capitalist is someone who uses the super powers of the head to produce Goods and Services.  Put otherwise, s/he uses Private Property (or Goods) that s/he already owns to create more Valuable Goods for self, family, and for trade with others. 

For example, to write this website I am using my super powers to capitalize on my talents.  I am investing myself in this information product, aiming to providing a Good and Service that will enhance human life so that others will freely consent to trade with me so that I can acquire other Goods and Services for myself and my family. This is capitalism.

The foundations of capitalism are Private Property and personal Liberty.  Capitalism is simply how Humans naturally act when they are protected from violence and allowed to freely think, speak and act to pursue Goods.

When you are free to act in accord with your own True Nature, you by Nature use your gifts and talents to produce Goods and Services to support health, happiness, safety and prosperity for yourself and your family.  When you use your super powers to produce Goods and Services, you automatically uplift all people.  Others learn from your example, or trade with you, and this enables them to lift themselves.  You learn from others’ example, and this enables you to lift yourself.  You trade Goods you produce for Goods that others produce.  This leads to expanding peace and prosperity for all people.

Freedom is life.  Restriction is evil.  

Capitalism is the only moral social system because it is the only social system based on Natural freedom and the self-ownership principle. 

Defining Socialism

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines "socialism" thus:

Socialism advocates collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.  What are the ultimate means of production and distribution?  Human minds and bodies.  Therefore, socialism advocates that you, your body and mind are to be owned and administered by the collective or the government. 

In fact, this is impossible.  No one other than you can occupy and control your body and mind.  You can be coerced by threat of violence, but the one who coerces does not really own the one who is coerced.

Socialism is a system of society in which there is no private property.  That means that under socialism you (in theory) do not own your self, your mind or your body.  You are (in theory) owned by the collective or the State.  

In other words, socialism is a system of universal slavery.  Everyone is owned and administered by the collective or the State. According to socialism, whatever you produce belongs to the collective or the State, not to you or your family.  The collective will decide what to do with whatever you produce, create or invent.  

Bear in mind that if the State allows no private property, this means that the socialist State claims the authority to take from you your life, your liberty, your privacy, your property, your virtue, and your knowledge of truth.  In other words, under socialism, the State (collective) is authorized to kill you, assault you, imprison you, invade your home, steal your things, rape and deceive you if "the collective" (i.e. the State) deems this is for the 'greater good.'  


This is an absolute lie.  You have infinite value!

Socialism Is Criminal

Socialism maintains that the minority – the unique individual – has no value except as a slave to the collective.  If one objects to this slavery, the socialist authorities will send thugs ("police") armed with lethal weapons to coerce you, take your liberty (throw you in a cage), or if you resist, assault or kill you.  

Socialism Creates Poverty

Socialism outright denies the Natural fact of self-ownership and Private Property.  Therefore it is false.  In a socialist State, 'the collective' takes all property from the individual, and redistributes this as the State sees fit.  Therefore it is immoral. 

In Nature, when you work, you produce Goods, and you get to keep those Goods, trade them or distribute them as you see fit.  In any case, you reap the rewards for using your super powers to produce Goods.  This is capitalism. The more you produce, the more you can save and invest, and the more you can save and invest, the more you prosper; the more you prosper, the more time you have to create and invent, and this lead you to more prosperity. The Natural rewards of being creative and productive motivate you to produce more Goods to satisfaction.   Its a virtuous cycle. 

Under socialism, when you work, you produce Goods, but you are forced by threat of imprisonment or death to surrender some or all of what you produce to "the State" or "the collective."  The State collects your produce (income) via taxation.  The more the State takes (steals) from you via taxation, the more impoverished you become.  The more impoverished you become, the more you focus on just surviving.  Impoverished people don't have the time, resources or inclination necessary for investing, researching and creating.  When people get no special rewards for special efforts, they make no special efforts.  Its a vicious cycle.  

The bottom line is that socialism is theft, and a social system based on theft, wherein everyone is invading and stealing from everyone else, can produce nothing but suffering and both material and spiritual poverty. 


Few people realize that all forms of government are forms of socialism.  A government can exist only by taking (stealing) resources from the productive members of society via taxation, and redistributing them to the gang leaders, the thugs they hire to carry out the confiscation of resources (theft) and enforcement of their dictates ('laws') via the threat of violence (loss of liberty, bodily integrity or life).  Government sustains itself through theft, coercion, murder, assault and deception.  It is fundamentally immoral and corrupt.  

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