Culture Kills Your Spirit

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Culture includes law, religion, customs, science, fashion, arts, entertainment, literature, etc..  

As explained by Jeremy Locke in his book The End of All Evil, it teaches you that you must believe what culture tells you, that authorities and celebrities are above question, because they allegedly have a higher value than you.  

Culture teaches you to conform and to obey authority, even if authority is wrong.  It teaches you that submission to “the rule of law” – which really is the rule of law-makers – is the highest morality, more valuable than your life, liberty or private property (self-ownership).

Authorities use culture to program people to their purposes.  They aim to convince you that you have no value without conformity and obedience to approved culture and authority.  Culture programs you to accept dictates (laws) that deprive you of freedom of thought, speech and action, so that you do only what the authorities want done.  

The tyrannical, parasitical authorities and their celebrity and media representatives are far outnumbered by the common folk they enslave and prey upon.  To prevent open rebellion the authorities must use mind-control.  To control the mind, culture controls speech through propaganda, education, literature and entertainment.  Culture teaches you what you can and can not say, and especially what you can and can not question.  Through control of speech it controls thought and action. 

Take note:  Whenever you are told you must respect or not question authority, or the official story or narrative, or are told you are mentally ill (, insane, X-phobic) or a stupid non-believer (infidel, X-denier), beware that this is culture exerting control over your thought.   By controlling your mind, authorities control your ability to learn, grow, express yourself and create.  They channel your super powers to satisfaction of their aims.

How and Why Culture Controls Speech

As Locke explains in The End of All Evil, from a very early age, culture teaches us that we can not say things that might offend others, even if true.

It teaches you to be offended when someone says certain things, and that the person who says those things is the cause of your hurt and anger.   

In essence, culture teaches you to regard the opinions of others, whether false or not, as harmful. 

This is a lie.  Speech is either true or false.  In and of itself, false speech has no value.  Your value can't be reduced by false words being spoken.  

Falsehood becomes harmful only if believed, because unquestioned falsehood misleads action.  So long as you are allowed to question everything and follow Nature, falsehood can not gain sway.  Falsehood fears questioning, because it does not align with Nature (Truth, Reality) and hence can't withstand examination. 

On the other hand, true speech has value.  It tells you how things really are.  Truth does not fear examination because nothing can destroy the Truth.  Questioning only confirms the Truth.  True speech enables you to take correct action.  Truth enriches you.  

If you are hurt by someone's opinion, it is by your own choice. A critic either speaks falsehoods or leads you to Truth.  False words can’t hurt you unless you believe and act upon them; hence the wise advice:  Question everything, and when in doubt, do nothing.  False words alone can’t deprive you of life, liberty or property. True words set you free from illusions and delusions. 

By teaching you to get offended, culture teaches weakness.  A lion is not bothered by the distant buzzing of flies.  

A free man or woman can not be moved to tears or anger by false words, and rejoices at words of Truth, because the Truth sets people free.  A free person is concerned only with evaluating the Truth or falsehood of words.

Culture teaches us offense to get us to agree to allow authorities to control speech.  If you agree to control of allegedly harmful speech (censorship) you will automatically agree that it is improper to question authority.  You start censoring yourself, standing in your own way, and censoring others, preventing them from free expression in word and deed.  

Once you consent to control of speech, you will naturally agree to control of action.  

We are told we must have rules and regulations, which are nothing but the opinions of authorities, because without these dictates we will never do anything good. You see, culture teaches you that without “the rule of law” – i.e. the rule of lawyers – you are incompetent or malicious or both. 

In short, culture teaches you that you have no value or negative value.  Your thoughts, words, actions, life, liberty and property are all worth less than the rules made by lawyers and priests. 

Culture is designed to keep you in invisible chains by convincing you that you achieve the highest value by conforming and submitting to authority.   

How Culture Kills Your Spirit

Self-esteem arises from self-knowledge and consists of valuing your self: your body, mind, perceptions, thoughts, dreams, goals, life, liberty and property.   

If you have self-esteem, you trust yourself, you trust your own senses and you think for yourself.  You are not offended, cowed or swayed from the Truth by the opinions of authorities or insults hurled by the crowd.  

As Locke explains, culture teaches us to confuse self-esteem with conceit.  Self-esteem is simply to understand and accept your own value.  An person who has self-esteem does not believe he is more valuable than others, only that he himself is of high value.  Conceit is the belief that you have a higher value than others.  This is what authorities and other thieves believe.  It is their conceit that causes them to believe they have the moral right to tell the slaves what to think, say and do.  

If you have self-esteem, you do not bow before other mortals, nor do you demand others bow before you.  You follow no one, and ask no one to follow you.  

Culture can’t tolerate self-esteem.  A man who believes in himself, who does not bow before but questions authority, threatens authority.  He weakens their facade, their house of cards.  If others hear his words or see his example, they might also refuse to bow and start to question. 

This is why culture can’t tolerate even one vocal dissident. This is why people who don’t toe the party line are shamed, ridiculed, de-platformed and fired from their jobs.  

You can tell who is in control, what the authorities believe or want you to believe, by observing which people and opinions are protected and encouraged, and which people and opinions are attacked, mocked and discouraged, in propaganda, media and entertainment.  

Therefore, from a very early age, culture teaches you that your body, your mind, your thoughts, your dreams, your abilities have no value except when in service and conformity to culture, the authorities, the nation, the masters. 

Artificial culture kills your spirit to enslave your body.  It makes you weak.  Knowledge of Natural Law and objective morality is the antidote to culture.  It makes you strong by alignment with the Truth.  When enough people understand  Natural Law and adhere to objective morality, false culture will not be able to sustain itself.  

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