The Demigod Body Project

The Demigod Body Project is a bodybuilding project.  By 'bodybuilding' I mean building muscle and strength while limiting body fat, using only a natural diet and strength training, not a chemical-assisted suicidal freak show.  I use the word 'bodybuilding' to mean nothing more nor less than using diet, training and healthy lifestyle to build the body.  My goal in this project is to gain as much muscle as possible in 12 months, while keeping my body fat under 10%, using a low volume, high intensity training routine.  

I call this the Demigod Body Project for two reasons.  First, the goal is to develop a physique and physical strength in the image of any of the demigods of traditional European mythology.  My personal model demigod is Hercules.

I also believe that every one of us is in fact a demigod, although some of us are not yet awakened to this fact.  A demigod is quite simply a being that is half mortal, half immortal, born of the mating of the divine and the material.  Humans consist of a mortal, material body, and an immortal, non-material consciousness, also known as awareness, the Knower, the Seer, the Witness, and other names. Therefore every one really is a demigod.  

We can choose to live our lives as if we consisted only of matter, in which case nothing will actually matter.  When humans deny their own Spirit, they descend into degeneracy and depravity. We can also choose to honor the divine One that animates every one of us.  We can lift ourselves up to unimagined heights if we desire.

The Demigod Body Project is part of a larger project of lifting yourself – your body, your mind, and your awareness – to your highest potential by reaching for and manifesting the divine in your thoughts, words, deeds and even your appearance.  

The Farnese Hercules

Image From Wikimedia

How To Estimate Your Muscular Potential

At the start this project, I estimated my maximum muscular potential using the calculators found at and  This video explains how you can do the same. 

How To Estimate Body Fat Percentage

This project involves keeping tabs on your body fat percentage so that you do not gain excess body fat while adding muscle.  I show a couple of ways to estimate your body fat percentage in this video.

Here are the websites I mentioned in that video: Army Body Fat Calculator Body Fat Calculator Skin Fold Body Composition Calculator

Demigod Body Project Baseline Measurements 

In this video I share my baseline measurements and photographs taken after the first month of implementing the full-body, high intensity training routine I developed for this project. 


August 2017

In this video I show my condition and measurements after two months using the bodybuilding routine and high-cholesterol, testosterone-boosting ketogenic diet I have implemented for the project.

September 2017

In this video I show my condition and measurements after three months using the bodybuilding routine and high-cholesteroltestosterone-boosting very low carbohydrate, high fat, high protein diet I have implemented for the project.

Here are some photos I took after training (so, with some "pump"), under highly favorable lighting, on September 15, 2017, after the third mini-cycle (month) of the project. 

October 2017

This video presents one of the two full-body strength training routines I used during the October 2017 phase of the Demigod Body Project.

This video presents the loaded mobility training routine for front splits, straddle splits, and bridge that I used during the October 2017 phase of the project. 

This video presents the second full body high intensity training routine I used during October 2017.

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