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Table of contents:

Note To The Reader 6

1  Why Fast? 7

2  Defining Primal Fasting 13

3  The Mediterranean Diet: Feast or Fast? 18

4  Seventh Day Adventist Fasting 21

5  Feeding & Fasting: Yin & Yang 27

6  Physiology of Fasting 30

7  Beneficial Metabolic Effects of Fasting 31

8  Fasting & Human Performance 44

9  Implementing Primal Fasting 48

10  Fasting For Fat Loss 61

11  Fasting For Building Muscle 65

12  Breaking Fast: Primal Feeding 79

Additional Reading 85


Download your FREE PDF copy here.

I am making this available for historical reference. Many people who disagree with my dietary perspective seem to think that I am unfamiliar with arguments for the idea that humans are natural plant eaters or frugivores.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  In this 300 page book, which I published in 2013, I recorded all the evidence and arguments I could find and produce to support that claim.  

However, I made very important mistakes in this book.  It was easy to make these mistakes because it is easy to find authorities who believe that we are designed for a so-called "balanced" diet largely consisting of plant matter, and have misinterpreted evidence in light of their preconception, which they acquired as a matter of course in their indoctrination in public schools and universities.  Almost everyone believes in this "balanced diet" myth because it is taught to us from a very early age. Most biologists, anthropologists and nutritionists accept the Darwinian theory that we are descendants of a chimpanzee-like creature that ate a plant-based diet – they had to accept it in order to "graduate" in the indoctrination process; so many if not most believe that we are designed to eat plant-based diets. Consequently its not hard to find "authorities" publishing "evidence" to support this belief. 

In reality, all arguments of this sort are attempts to convince ourselves that our civilization, based on eating plants produced by agriculture, has been good for us.  It is very hard for members of civilization to accept the fact that agriculture and plant-based diets have made us sick, weaker and dumber than our ancestors who ate animal-based diets.  We want to believe we are "advanced".

Contrary to what I argued in Powered By Plants, we are by Nature obligate carnivores, highly adapted to or designed by Nature for a high fat animal-based diet and very poorly adapted to digestion and assimilation of nutrients from plants. There are many biological proofs for this. In fact, many of the arguments I used in Powered by Plants strain credulity because they ignore the obvious and simplest explanations for our anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.  In some cases the "evidence" I cited - for example, for our stomach pH – was simply flat out wrong (no fault of my own) and has been refuted by more recent research.  I will demonstrate this in my next book, which will also be available here for free download when I complete it in 2018.  Meanwhile, in the video below I discuss the evidence that our gut is designed by Nature for a meat-based diet.


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