Government Is Slavery

All government is slavery.  This may be hard for you to believe, but I will explain.

Theft Is Slavery

To understand why government is slavery, you need to understand that theft is slavery.  

Thieves aim to harness your super powers for their benefit.  They want you to surrender your Goods – your Private Property – to them, to serve their interests.  They use every means at their disposal to force or trick you into surrendering your Property to them. They want you to work for them, not by mutual contract and exchange, but on their demand, with no exchange.  In other words, a thief aims to make you into his slave.  He claims and aims to own you. 

The Common Crook

The common criminal uses force to get you to surrender your Property to him.  He directly threatens you with a weapon, giving you the “choice” to either hand over your Property (even your body, in the case of rape), or be damaged by his weapon. He rules you only temporarily.  He makes you his slave for a moment, then leaves you alone.  

How does he rule or own you?  By control of your mind.  By threatening you, he gains temporarily control of your mind and choices. 

The word "government" can be viewed as composed of too roots: govern, which means "to rule, to control," and ment, which refers to the mind, as in ment-al, "of the mind."   Government can thus be taken to mean: mind control.

It is a fact that in all governments the absolute number of elites doing the ruling is always far smaller than the number of people being ruled by those elites.  In absolute physical power the rulers are always outnumbered.  How then do they maintain control of the population?  By mind control: education, media and propaganda.  This is a fact.  Government exists only by exertion of mind control.  

The Sophisticated Crook

The sophisticated criminal uses fraud to get you to surrender your Property to him.  He uses deception to convince you that you will benefit by giving him your Property.  Also, he hooks you into giving him property for an extended period of time; not just today, but for days, weeks, months or even years.  The sophisticated criminal may still use force as his back up plan; in other words, if you refuse to comply with his ruse, he may send enforcers with lethal weapons and threats to take your liberty or your life to obtain your compliance.

How Government Is Slavery

The most sophisticated of the sophisticated criminals operate in gangs as protection rackets.  The gang uses propaganda and education to convince the slaves that they need to give some or all of their Property to the syndicate.  Typically the gang will tell you that in order to protect yourself and your family from other people who might do you harm, you need to support the gang.  These criminals promise to provide you with security or protection if you consent to regularly giving them some part of your Production, also known as Income, as tribute or payment for protection services. However, they also make it clear that if you refuse to pay tribute, they will not only not protect you from other gangs, they will in fact send their own enforcers with deadly weapons to invade your home (trespass), collect payment (rob), or, if you resist, take your liberty (throw you in a cage), injure your body (assault) or end your life (murder).

Regarding tribute, the most crafty criminals take enough to make themselves rich, but not enough to cause you to rebel.  They want you alive, healthy and productive tomorrow so you can produce more, from which they can take more. They want to continue harvesting your Goods and Property for your entire lifetime.  In fact, they will help you become more productive because the more you produce, the more they get to take from you.  This is a long-range strategy.  

To curry favor with the slaves, the gangsters may redistribute some of their takings or provide “insurance” to cover some eventualities. They give large rewards to the most obedient slaves, to encourage others to remain obedient. They will even provide employment for some of the slaves, knowing that these slaves are less likely to bite the hand that feeds them. 

In the most sophisticated version of this con game, the gangsters allow the slaves in their territory certain “rights” and allow the slaves to cast ballots to “elect” the people who will perform certain roles in the gang, such as dictating rules of behavior for the slaves, or adjudicating disputes between the gang and the slaves. 

The gang also allows the slaves to demand and endorse by ballots that the gangsters take Goods and Property from some of the slaves and give some portion of those Goods and Properties to other slaves. (Of course the gang keeps a large cut for itself.)  In this way the gang keeps the slaves divided against one another, always occupied with preying upon each other rather than turning on the gang.  By giving the slaves the illusion that they are in control of the gang, and getting the slaves involved themselves in imposing restrictions upon themselves and stealing and redistributing Goods and Properties, the slaves are led to believe that they are free, as if it were truly possible for a person to be both master and slave.   

In the event you realize that the gang is criminal and you refuse to pay your tribute, they will send their enforcers with lethal weapons and threats to take your liberty or your life to obtain your compliance. 

These gangsters are otherwise known as politicians, rulers, socialists, The Authorities, and the government, and the most sophisticated version of this con game is called democracy.  

From the above, it should now be clear why I say: Government is slavery.  Government is nothing but a gang of thieves running a protection racket.  The gang takes resources from producers and creators via taxation, which is nothing but extortion, enforced by the threat of violence (assault, imprisonment, or death).  The gang uses a portion  of the extorted money to pay thugs and employees, and redistributes some of the stolen goods to placate the masses with bread and/or circuses.  

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Now for the hard part for most people to swallow.  Government is slavery because taxation is theft.

If you endorse redistribution of wealth, you endorse taxation.  Taxation is theft because it is not a voluntary exchange between mutually consenting parties.  If it was, a person could refuse to pay taxes without repercussions, the same way you can refuse to purchase an automobile without repercussions.  But if you refuse to pay taxes, the gangsters running the syndicate called government will send heavily armed thugs to invade your home, and those thugs will threaten you with violence to coerce you to pay up.  If you don't pay up, they will assault you and throw you in a cage.  If you resist, they will assault or even kill you.  Thus, taxation is not voluntary and it is indistinguishable from mugging.  

In other words, you if you endorse taxation, you endorse theft...which means you endorse slavery.

For example, if you support socialized national health care, you are saying that slavery is moral.  Why?  Because you are saying that it is morally correct to use guns and threats to make some people give some portion of their income to the gang called government, so that the gang can then give a portion of that stolen money to someone else.  In other words, you are saying that persons A, B, and C, none of whom have committed any crime, should be forced at gunpoint to pay for the medical needs of persons X, Y, and Z, despite the fact that neither A, B nor C are in any way contractually indebted to X, Y and Z.  That makes A, B and C slaves of X, Y and Z.  In what world is that moral?  NONE.

Gangsters know how to crank emotion.  They know how to get the slaves to demand more robbery, assault and mass murder (war).  They are experts in mind control.  They know how to push your emotional buttons so that you will beg them to be their slave, or beg them to turn someone else into a slave.  The Mafia provided services to the poor in its territories.  This is public relations, not a sign that the Mafia is a moral organization.  The same applies to the extortion racket called government.

They want you to believe that nothing Good is possible without the intervention of the gang. In reality, nothing Good is possible with the intervention of the gang, because government is slavery and slavery is NEVER the solution to any problem.  

Whatever the problem, freedom is the solution.  

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