How To Break Free From External Masters

Few people know how to break free from external masters.  Like it or not, we currently live under the control of gangsters who burden us with laws and taxes.  When you realize this, you may be tempted to believe that you can’t achieve external freedom unless you change the entire political or social structure around you. 

This is exactly what the Powers That Be want you to believe.  Don't believe everything you think.
If you look at history, you will see that no rebellion against the gangsters has succeeded in producing a truly free society.  Every revolution has resulted in one gang replacing another.

This should convince you that political rebellion has never been effective and never will be effective.  No political solution exists.  But there is a solution. 

How To Break Free Peacefully

Nevertheless, it is possible to liberate yourself from these restrictions to a great degree.  All you need to do is identify what you can do to build a life of your own design, and minimize or avoid the limitations and obligations imposed upon you by various gangs. 

First, the gangsters keep you working for them by keeping you plugged into the manipulated economic system as one of the cogs turning the wheel.  To increase your freedom and reduce their power you need to discharge debts and find a way to economic security so that you are not vulnerable to their manipulation of the economy through the central banks.  Begin to ask how you can generate or acquire the things you need – food, clothing, shelter, power, etc. – in a way that makes you more and more independent of the controlled economy. 

Second, the gangsters control education, entertainment and media in order to popular opinion and ultimately your thoughts.  To be free you need to avoid the influence of the fear and false beliefs that the controlled media has programmed into the populace. 

Third, the gangsters confiscate your hard-earned wealth through their tax system.  To increase your freedom, you need to find ways to reduce your tax liability to escape their tax chains, and keep more and preferably all of the proceeds of your own labor.

The gangsters are constrained by their own greed.  They focus their efforts where they produce the greatest return.  They focus on exploiting Concentrated Human Farming Operations, also known as highly populated cities.  The further you go from their established centers of power, the less they exert their power and the less they care.  This is why they promote urbanization.  The more people they have in the cities, the more control they can exert and the more people they can exploit. 

You can escape their control system by finding a way to escape their control centers.  Fly under the radar.  If you do it right, you stop feeding the beast itself.  If enough people do this, the beast will die of starvation. 

Until I produce a better plan on how to break free and plot your escape from the control system, I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of Your Two Year Plan: How to Reclaim 3 Essential Freedoms in Two Years from the good folks at The Daily Bell.

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