Basic Natural Law

If you disregard a Natural Law, you suffer consequences.  It operates whether you believe it exists or operates or not.  For example, the laws of gravitation operate whether you know of or believe in them or not.  If you step off a cliff, you will plummet, regardless of your knowledge or belief.  

Human Nature

Human Nature exists and is maintained by Natural Law.  When your behavior is incompatible with Human Nature, you pay consequences.  For example, if you eat foods incompatible with Human Nature, you suffer medical disorders and diseases.  If your sexual behavior is incompatible with Human Nature, you suffer venereal or reproductive diseases.  To secure freedom from physical degeneration, to fulfill your Divine potential, you must behave in alignment with Human Nature. 

There exist Natural Laws governing human behavior and society.  When people behave in immoral ways, contrary to the self-ownership principle, contrary to Human Nature, they create a society consisting of disorder, disease, weakness, slavery and poverty.  When we understand and behave in accord with these laws, we create what we want: order, health, strength, freedom and prosperity.

These laws of Human Nature, including the Natural Moral Laws, do not apply to other animals or to our use of animals because non-human animals do not have the super powers we have.  Natural Law holds humans to a higher standard because if we do not behave morally (in accord with our True Spiritual Nature) we physically, mentally and spiritually degenerate and literally cease to be truly Human.  Personal and social degeneration, disorders and disease are the Natural Law consequences of immoral behavior.  

Natural Law Governs Consequences

Specifically, if we violate the Natural Law of self-ownership by using our super powers to control or attempt to control the minds and bodies – thoughts, speech and actions – of others, to infringe upon and take Life, Liberty or Private Property from them, we automatically create slavery, misery and poverty.  

By immutable Natural Moral Law, what goes around, comes around.  If you infringe on the freedom of others, you are in that very act bringing restriction and suffering upon yourself, your family, your tribe and your nation. 

Theft always creates poverty and slavery.  It is an immutable Natural Law.  The very act is disorderly conduct, so it can only create disorder.   

Good intentions do not make theft moral.  You know that you personally do not have the moral authority to regularly rob Peter so that you can help Pauline.  You know that your plan to give the resources you take from Peter to Pauline does not make it right for you to steal from Peter.  That is theft and slavery (making Peter a slave to Pauline).     

You never have a moral right to delegate to someone else an immoral action.   Since you don't have a moral right to rob, assault, murder, rape, defraud, trespass or coerce Peter yourself, you also do not have the moral right to appoint or elect someone else to rob, assault, murder, rape, defraud, trespass or coerce Peter.  Again, it does not matter whether you have a good intention – e.g. to get resources to help Pauline – or not.  It does not matter whether you wear a special costume – a uniform or badge – when taking Goods from others.  Theft is theft.  Period.

Obeying authority or following orders does not make any form of theft moral..  Coercion, assault, murder, trespass, rape and fraud are always wrong, no matter what "authority" orders you to do it.  "Following orders" of authorities does not relieve you of responsibility for infringing on others.  By Natural Law, you are responsible for your direct actions and will bear the consequences thereof.  

Its Your Choice

Many of our medical and virtually all of our social problems arise from the widespread ignorance of Objective Morality.  People have been taught (indoctrinated) to believe that because they have good intentions, or are following orders of authorities, or have done a ritual called "voting," or are wearing a special costume, or have been 'invested with authority' by some magic ritual, they can produce peace and prosperity by using violence or threat of violence to take Life, Liberty or Property from some people and give favors to others. 

The gangsters who constitute government have programmed, educated and encouraged people to steal from one another.  They know that this divides the people, and keeps them fighting amongst themselves, and prevents them from realizing that they are being royally exploited and enslaved by the gangsters.  So long as the people are occupied with preying upon and combatting one another, they will not unify in saying NO to the criminals (politicians and bankers) who have everyone enslaved.  

You can choose to create heaven – FREEDOM and PROSPERITY – or hell – SLAVERY and POVERTY – on Earth.  All depends on whether you choose to respect and protect Private Property in accord with self-ownership, or you choose to infringe upon another's self-ownership. 

You have freedom to choose your course of action, but you don't have freedom to choose the consequences of your actions.  Immutable, objective Natural Law determines the consequences.   Choose wisely.  

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