Objective Morality

Objective morality is derived from the Natural Law Principle of self-ownership.  Relativist morality is based on the whims and dictates of man rather than objective, universal Nature.  

The Two Ways To Live

There are only two ways to acquire products and services in this world:  You can obtain them by homesteading (transforming natural resources by your own labor), production, or trade, or you can use force or fraud to steal products or services from homesteaders, producers and traders.  

In short, you can be a producer or a parasite.  The first way is Good and produces Goods.  The second way is Evil and produces Evil.  

Objective Morality: Right and Wrong

Parasites promote relative morality.  They try to convince their prey (slaves) that right and wrong are relative.  They want you to believe that mankind can make laws of behavior.  That's the purpose of legislation: man-made law.

In fact, the word "right" means aligned with Nature.  That's why we use the word as a synonym for true.  The equation 2 + 2 = 4 is right because it is true, correct, aligned with Nature.  

The word "wrong" comes from Proto-Germanic, and it means "crooked."  That which is crooked is not aligned.  The equation 2 + 2 = 5 is wrong because it is false, incorrect, not aligned with Nature.

Just as in all other objective sciences, in objective morality, or Natural Law, right means aligned with Natural Law; wrong means not aligned with Natural Law.  

Natural law is objective and universal.  The law of gravity has definite effects on all beings in the Earth plane.  You can't escape the rule or consequences of or break Natural Law.  

There exist Natural Laws of Human Nature.  These laws govern the personal and social consequences of your behavior.  The fundamental law is self-ownership and Private Property.  

Man-made law is neither objective or universal.  It is simply the words of men.  This is way a tyrant is called a dictator.  He believes his word (diction, as in diction-ary) is law.  

All governments are dictators via their legislators.  Legislators dictate man-made law for subjects (slaves) in their jurisdiction (juris = law, diction=spoken).  

Man-made laws are not laws in any real sense.  They don't actually bind your behavior the way the Natural Laws of gravity, thermodynamics, or Human Nature do.  Nature (the Creator) does not enforce man-made law.  You can evade man-made law, but it is not possible to evade Natural Law.

Righteous vs Vicious Behavior

People who make right use of their own powers to transform Natural resources, or produce or trade Goods are properly called righteous. Anyone who uses deception, violence or threat of violence to directly or indirectly take or steal a Good, Service or Value from an honest homesteader, producer or trader is called vicious, a thief or criminal.  

Righteous people live by creativity, productive labor and trade.  They uplift society and create prosperity by producing and honestly trading Goods and Services that sustain and improve the quality of life. 

Thieves live as parasites on the productivity of the righteous.  They do not produce but drain and destroy what others have produced.  Consequently, thieves 'produce' poverty and suffering.  

Immorality Is Theft, Theft Is Immorality

Thieves can steal Life, Liberty, Privacy or Property.  The main forms of theft include:

  • Murder (taking life)
  • Assault (taking safety and health)
  • Coercion (taking liberty)
  • Fraud (taking trust, confidence and truth)
  • Trespass (taking privacy and security)
  • Rape (taking sexual privacy and virtue)
  • Robbery (taking property)

In summary, evil is the deliberate violation of the self-ownership principle, Private Property and Liberty. 

The essence of objective morality is the protection of self-ownership, Private Property and Liberty.   

Objective Morality Is Natural Law

Natural Law governs the consequences of human moral behavior just as surely as the laws of physics govern the behavior of inanimate objects and the laws of chemistry govern chemical reactions.  Natural Moral Law operates regardless of whether you know or believe it operates,   Moral behavior produces health, strength, freedom and prosperity, and immoral behavior produces degeneration, weakness, slavery and poverty.   Ignorance of Natural Law is no excuse from its operation.  If you want to produce Goods – health, strength, freedom and prosperity – you need to understand how Natural Law works

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