The self-ownership principle, which I also call the sovereignty principle, is the most fundamental  and potent principle of natural philosophy.  It is also the only legitimate principle on which one can build a rational ethics and economics. It is the foundation of Natural Law. 

Know Thyself

The first step in natural philosophy is to Know Thyself.  

Tyrants fear and suppress genuine philosophy because of this maxim.  The tyrants of Athens put Socrates to death for teaching the youth to examine, and therefore, know, themselves. 

People who know who they really are will not submit to tyrants. 

When you know thyself, you realize that you are of infinite value; indeed, that you are sacred and divine by Nature.  You no longer bow to pretended authority.  Those who would control you for their own benefit lose control.  

Thus, they do everything possible to keep you ignorant of your self. 

Defining Self-Ownership

To own means to occupy and control a property.  The owner of a property occupies and has control over it. 

You occupy and have exclusive control of your body and mind.  No one else can occupy or directly control either your body or mind.  This is the foundation of Natural Law.

Therefore, you own your body and mind, or, for short, you own your self

This means: No one else has a legitimate claim to your body or mind.  In short, by Nature no one else owns you. 

Put otherwise:  Your body and mind are your Nature-given Private Properties which no one can take from you or trespass upon.   

Thus, Nature – not mankind, not legislators – made you owner of your self and by this created inviolable Private Property.  Consequently, by Natural Law, Private Property is a natural fact that can't be changed by any decree of any dictator.

The word "sacred" means unassailable and inviolable.  Therefore, both self-ownership and Private Property are by Nature absolutely sacred.  

Self-ownership is also known as sovereignty

The word “sovereign” comes from the Latin roots super-, meaning ‘above, beyond,” and “regne,” meaning “rule.”  

To rule means to direct and control.

By Nature, only you can direct and control your self, body and mind.  The self-ownership principle states this simple fact of Nature:  You – your body and mind – are beyond rule by anyone else.  You are born sovereign.  BORN FREE!

In other words:  By Nature, as a birthright, you are not owned by or beholden to anyone else.  Your life is your own. 

In other words:  YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE.  

All Mankind Are Sovereign

Before I continue, allow me a few words about the words man and mankind.

The root word “man” has always meant hand, as in manual labor.  Therefore, mankind means the kind with hands. The word does not specify genotype or genitalia. It does not refer only to the kind with XY genotype and external genitalia.  It refers to all who have hands.

On the other hand, the word “woman” is a contraction of “womb-man,” to refer specifically to those among mankind who have both hands and a womb.   These are the most precious of mankind because only they can bring children into the world.  

The spin doctors of the Powers That Be have twisted this to create conflict between the sexes. They spread the lie that the word "man" refers only to people who have XY genotype and external genitalia.  They demean the power of the womb, and get women to consider their wombs liabilities, when in fact the womb is the central source of a woman's Natural power.  

I use and wish to revive the word "mankind" in its original meaning: a being with human hands.  Therefore, I will continue to use the word mankind to refer to all huMANs regardless of genitalia.

Self-Ownership Grants You Natural Property Rights

As a sovereign man or woman, Nature gave you the exclusive ability and therefore the right to exclude others from your Private Property.  You alone have the legitimate right to determine who may and may not have access to your body and mind.  

Put simply: You have the Natural Right to say NO.  

This means Nature has given you the power and right to use whatever force necessary to prevent others from taking from you the Life, Liberty and Private Property that you received from Nature.  You can also form alliances with others to protect your Property from criminals who wish to take that Property from you.

In short, Nature has given you – male or female – an absolute and inalienable right to Self-Defense, which is the right to refuse invasion and occupation of your Private Property.

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