Your Natural Super Powers

Did anyone ever tell you that you have super powers that you can use for Good?  

What is a super power?

The word "super" simply means above.  A super power is a power above other powers.  You possess powers that place you above all other creatures in potency and abilities.  These powers are not material, but spiritual. 

Plants have the power of life.  Animals have the power of life and simple awareness.  Mankind has powers beyond these powers: super powers in comparison to other creatures. 

You can use your super powers to produce Goods for all mankind.  Tyrants know you have super powers and do everything in their power to enslave you so that they harness your super powers for their benefit. 

These powers also make you subject to Natural Laws – moral laws – which do not apply to lesser creatures.  Nature both gives mankind more, and requires more from mankind.  Will you rise to the challenge?

The First Super Power

The first is self-awareness.  You are a knower that knows that you know.  In other words, you can know thyself.  

Philosophers call this reflexive awareness.  No other creature has this power as found in humans. 

Awareness is a mysterious power.  Awareness has no shape, color, sound, taste, fragrance or texture.  Therefore, awareness is not material, it is spiritual.  Yet without awareness you could not know things which have shape, color, sound, taste, fragrance or texture.

Awareness is limitess – that is, infinite and eternal.  It is impossible to identify a boundary to awareness.  Everywhere you go, you will find awareness present.  

Here let me point out that things or objects occupy space (physical objects) or time (mental objects, such as thoughts), but awareness can't be located in space or time; if anything, space and time are experienced as existing inside awareness. 

The word "exist" comes from the Latin existere which means "to step out, stand forth, emerge, appear...". 

Since awareness does not stand out, it does not ex-ist.  Rather, awareness is present or pre-sent. The word "present" is derived from the Latin prae- "before" and esse "to be".  As noted, you could not know that any other thing ex-ists in the absence of awareness.  

Therefore, awareness must be present before any other thing can ex-ist. In other words, awareness is more primordial than existence.  

By the way, this will give you a clue as to why we use the word "present" to refer to this very moment and also to all gifts.  Awareness is the original present in all senses of the term. 

You bear the primordial being in your being!  

Self-awareness is the key that unlocks the second super power.

Your Second Super Power

That second spiritual super power is often called intelligence; in Latin it is called sapience.  This includes the primordial and mysterious abilities we variously call thinking, insight, foresight, common sense, and understanding, or figuring things out.  It is our ability to learn from experience, discover Principles or Natural Law, envision outcomes, and work in harmony with such Principles to produce Goods. 

These super powers provide the basis for calling mankind Homo sapiens sapiens.

Your Third Super Power

The third spiritual super power is variously called will (as in will to live)thirst, desire, craving, passion or ambition.  Nature gifted you with an unquenchable, indomitable thirst for life, learning and improvement.  No other creature has this thirst.  This thirst propels you and mankind forward to the creation of Goods. 

The Fourth Super Power

The fourth spiritual super power is called free will.  Nature gifted you with the ability to develop the ability to envision and freely choose between alternative but yet unrealized courses of action based on your intelligence, foresight, etc..  In particular, you have the power to choose between producing Good and Evil.

Simply put, that which provides nourishment and support for life, health, and strength for you and your family, present and future, is Good.  Because we are all humans, what you produce that enhances life for you and your family will enhance life for me and my family.  Your True Good is mine as well. 

Anything which interferes with the ability to produce true Good for humanity is Evil.  Fundamentally, anything which restricts liberty is Evil, because all mankind needs liberty to express its spiritual powers – freedom of thought, speech and action – in order to create Good.  In a word, slavery is Evil. 

The Power of These Powers

These powers give you unlimited energy, value and ability.  No other species possesses these powers and as a consequence, all other species are practically disabled in comparison to humans.  

Using these powers, you can achieve or acquire anything in accordance with your Nature.  You can turn your dreams (imagination) into reality.  You can be a creator. 

People naturally seek health, happiness, strength and love for themselves and their families.  Left to your own Nature, in Freedom, you do not need to be convinced, cajoled, bribed or coerced to do what is healthy, good and right for yourself and your family.  By Nature you do everything you can to acquire Goods such as security, prosperity and peace for yourself and your loved ones.  

The self-ownership principle recognizes that by Natural Law your True Nature will lead you directly to these Goods, so long as you are free of coercion and false beliefs that mislead you. 

This is where criminals come in:  Instead of making right use of their super powers to be creators of Goods, they use their powers to steal Goods from others, acting as parasites, not humans.  

Nature Holds You To A Higher Standard

These powers justify our holding humans in special moral regard.  Humans are far more valuable than other animals because they can create Goods through their spiritual faculties.  Nature gave us minerals, plants and animals for our use to produce Goods.  

However, the possession of these powers also makes humans subject to Natural Laws of morality which do not apply to other animals.  Specifically, if we violate the Natural Law of self-ownership by using our super powers to control or attempt to control the minds and bodies – thoughts, speech and actions – of others, we create slavery.  Also, when we behave contrary to Human Nature – yes, Human Nature does exist! – we will cause ourselves suffering.  

By immutable Natural Moral Law, what goes around, comes around.  If you infringe on the freedom of others, you are in that very act bringing restriction and suffering upon yourself.  Criminals may attempt to insulate themselves from this Natural Law put putting degrees of separation between themselves and the Evil they initiate – such as having others physically enforce their decrees – but Nature always has the last word.  

You have freedom to choose your course of action, but you don't have freedom to choose the consequences of your actions.  Immutable Natural Law determines the consequences.  You are responsible for your direct actions.  You can choose to create heaven or hell on Earth.  All depends on whether you choose to respect and protect Private Property in accord with self-ownership, or you choose to violate another's self-ownership.  Choose wisely.  

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