Full Range Strength Vlog

Follow this vlog to see Full Range Strength Training principles in practice.

Demigod Bodybuilding Project Progress Report #1

A Pike (Forward Bend) Training Routine

Here's a routine I used to improve my forward bend considerably.

A1. Pike with weighted shoulder extension x 5
A2. Standing one-leg elevated forward bend 20-30 s per leg
A3. Calf stretch 30 s per leg.
A4. Single-leg “head to toe” stretch ~20 s per leg.
A5. Crossed legs butt stretch ~20-30 s per side.

Repeat A1-A5 twice.

B1.  Table ~ 5 repetitions playing with hold times
B2.  Pike on ground, ease into and hold maximum stretch,
playing with hold time 10-30 s
B3. Cobra repetitions, ~ 5 playing with hold times

Repeat B1-B2 twice, always finish with Cobra or Table.

Strength Training Vlog #2

In this training video Tracy joins me to train together.  This is a full body training session including an emphasis on training straight arm strength with the front lever and planche variations.  It was the Wednesday routine at the time we filmed it. 

A:  Warmups 

B: Handstand Skill Practice 5-10 minutes

C1: Front lever 30s x 4
C2: Planche variation 30s x 4

D1:  Figure 4 Squats 20-30r
D2: One-leg shoulder bridge 10-16r

E1: Row variation 5-8r x 1-3 sets
E2: Pushup variation 5-8r x 1-3 sets

F1: Prone weighted shoulder flexion 5-10r
F2: Hollow body hold 45s x 3


Strength Training Vlog #1

In this training video I perform a full body strength training session.  This was my Monday session in the cycle at the time.

A:  Warmups 

B: Handstand Skill Practice 5-10 minutes

C1: Chin Ups 5r x 3
C2: Handstand Wall Shoulder Taps 18 x 2, 20 x 1

D1:  Cossack Squats 10r x 3
D2: Back Extension 6r x 3

E1: V-ups 9r x 3
E2: SLDL mobility 5r x 3

F1: Neck Bridge Extension 8r x 3
F2: Neck Bridge Flexion 8r x 3
F3: Prone weighted circumduction 5r x 3

FRS Warm-up routine

This is a basic warm-up routine I often use before strength or mobility training sessions.  It is simple, short, and loosens you up from head to toe.

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