Gaining Strength Results

Results obtained by following the Gaining Strength training principles and using the X3 bar.

These hypertrophy results came primarily as a result of progressive pistol squats and X3 bar front squats. The thigh girth increased by about 3/8" between these two photos. 

I performed 1-2 sets of squats twice weekly (total volume of 2-4 sets weekly).  I used slow movement and a repetition range that generally allowed 60-90 seconds, sometimes 120 seconds of time under load.  I increased resistance whenever possible, using the Serious Steel orange band and WODfitters red band (equal to the Serious Steel purple band) to allow small increments (micro loading) (see my Equipment page).  I had my best strength gains doing 1 set of pistol squats once weekly and 1 set of X3 bar front squats in the second thigh training session of the week. 

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