Full Range Services

I offer these services to help you realize your goals for health, strength, mobility, wisdom, personal excellence and life satisfaction.  My credentials:

  • B.A. and  M.A. philosophy (University of Toledo, Ohio)
  • International Association of Resistance Trainers Fitness Clinician Certification
  • American Academy of Nutrition Certification
  • M.S. Oriental medicine (Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, Arizona)
  • NCCAOM national board certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine
  • Presenter at the first Ancestral Health Conference
  • More than 40 years of direct personal experience with various diet styles including vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, paleo, and hyper carnivore.

Hypercarnivore Health Coaching Service

I offer the Hypercarnivore Health Coaching service to help you understand, implement, adapt to and thrive on The Hypercarnivore Diet.  I will help you work out the bugs, develop strategies for integrating the diet into your lifestyle, and identify any modifications you may need to thrive on the diet long term.  If applicable I will also suggest other lifestyle changes, herbs or other supplements to help you adapt, thrive or achieve specific health goals. 

Full Range Strength Coaching Service

I offer Full Range Strength Coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals using safe, brief and infrequent high intelligence training methods.  Goals may include body composition changes (increase muscle, decrease fat), strength, mobility, cardiorespiratory capacity, and specific skills. I can help anyone but I specialize in helping people over 40 years of age develop muscle, strength and mobility using bodyweight training, limited weights, and home-based training. In every case I design a program specifically for you, taking into account your unique limitations and goals. 

Tell me your body composition, strength or mobility goals and time constraints and show me your current abilities and training practices and I will design a brief, highly efficient and safe training program to help you achieve those goals, teach you how to perform recommended exercises safely and effectively, and troubleshoot the program for 12 weeks of implementation.

Full Range Life Coaching Service

Since ancient times, philosophers have developed and mastered methods to gain mental fortitude, moral excellence and freedom from mental, emotional and social/political restrictions. I offer Full Range  Life Coaching to empower you liberate yourself from false beliefs and various programs and conditions that bind you.  Ignorance of Natural Law makes you subject to adverse consequences (slavery and poverty) you could avoid by aligning with Natural Law.  

Learn how to live a more satisfying, authentic, creative, healthy and wise life, by applying principles first identified by the great philosophers. I will help you to apply principles of reason and Natural Law to your situation to help you discover what you can do to produce the best possible outcome and develop moral excellence, autonomy and sovereignty over body, mind, emotions and circumstances. 


If you are interested in a coaching service, email me at don@fullrangestrength.com.

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