Hello!  My name is Don.  I'm the creator of this website and author of Primal Fasting and The Hypercarnivore Diet

 I am on a mission to help people restore and build health, strength and muscle mass, with high quality, nutrient-dense foods and safe, simple and brief strength training programs. 

Interested in working with me?

If you really want to make a change to your health and strength, let's find out if I can help you with your health or fitness goals through a free consultation call.

All my strength training programs are based on simple core principles:

Full Range Results!

57 Years of Age

1. Use effective, safe exercises that directly train all muscle groups and can be done safely with minimal equipment.  Your goal is to get as strong as possible in these basic exercises using progressive loading.  By building strength you will build muscle, and by building muscle you will burn more fat.  Its as simple as that.

2. Perform each exercise in a fashion that minimizes the risk of injury while maximizing the intensity of stimulus – so that you don’t waste time injured or performing redundant work. 

3. Perform the optimum amount of exercise needed to stimulate the body to improve.  

How does coaching work?

I will only work with you if I feel certain that I can help you achieve your goals, and I have confidence that we can work well together.

To find out if I can help you and we can work well together, we need to talk for 30-45 minutes about your challenges and goals.

From the conversation we can evaluate whether an online coaching program will give you the results you want.

If you're interested, click on the button and book your free consultation call!

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