Welcome to FULL RANGE STRENGTH, where you can learn how to build strength and muscle, increase mobility, burn fat and get your best body using brief, safe, inexpensive, home-based strength training. 

 I am on a mission to provide evidence-based, scientific training principles and programs that enable hardgainers and men over 40 years of age to get the best results possible, and gain as much muscle as their genetics and effort level will allow, in as little as 60 minutes per week (even less in some cases!).

If you are a hardgainer, you may need coaching from a hardgainer like me if you want to realize your potential.  

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Rational Strength Training

Yes, you read that correctly.  If you use scientific training principles and methods, and the best exercises, you can develop your full strength and muscle mass potential and maintain basic mobility without a gym membership, in your home gym, spending only about 60-90 minutes per week. 

All Full Range Strength training programs are based on simple core principles:

Full Range Results!

57 Years of Age

1. Use the most effective, safest exercises that directly train all muscle groups and can be done safely at home with minimal equipment.  Your goal is to get as strong as possible in these basic exercises using progressive loading.  By building strength you will build muscle, and by building muscle you will burn more fat.  Its as simple as that.

2. Perform each exercise in a fashion that minimizes the risk of injury while maximizing the intensity of stimulus – so that you don’t waste time injured or performing unnecessary multiple sets. 

3. Perform no more nor less than the exact amount of exercise needed to stimulate the body to improve.  

When properly used, bodyweight, barbells and/or high quality resistance bands can be more effective for building strength and muscle than a whole room full of expensive and bulky machines!

Hypercarnivore Diet

Health is the basis of strength.  It is achieved by eating in harmony with your biology.  Humans evolved as apex predators eating a meat-based diet.  From a nutritional standpoint, the best foods are the most nutrient-dense foods.  Plant foods contain loads of indigestible fiber and nutrients bound in forms we can't efficiently absorb.  Animal foods are the most nutrient-dense because plant-eating animals concentrate the nutrients from many pounds of plants into one pound of animal meat.  

Like other wild animals, you have highly evolved senses of taste and satisfaction, which enabled your ancestors to survive for millions of years.  You need pay little heed to modern 'scientific' nutrition studies, most of which produce false findings due to prevailing biases of indoctrinated investigators.  Trust Your True Nature and you will not be led astray.

You can learn everything you need to know about how to thrive on a nutrient-dense whole foods animal based diet in my ground-breaking book The Hypercarnivore Diet.

Over the past 40 years I have tried a variety of strictly plant-based diets, mixed diets, paleo diets, and whole foods animal based diets, also known as carnivore diet or hypercarnivore diet, and hands down the hypercarnivore diet has provided me with the best health and fitness results.  

My Mission

My mission is to be the world ’s leading resource for accurate information about:

  • Rational strength training principles, methods and equipment that help hardgainers and men over the age of 40 build strength, muscle mass and mobility while losing fat.
  • Evidence-based whole foods animal based nutrition, also known as The Hypercarnivore Diet.
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