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"The task of the philosopher is to create conditions that require stronger men who for their part need, and consequently will have, a morality that makes them strong."

Nietzsche, The Will to Power

Welcome to FULL RANGE STRENGTH.  My name is Don Matesz.  I have a burning desire to express my full potential for health, strength, freedom and autonomy.  On my 40+ years quest I have learned a few things that I think will help other men who have the same desire for freedom and age-less fitness.

The Full Range Strength Project is for mature men who seek to develop their physical, mental, moral and spiritual health, strength and independence to the greatest degree possible using primal, natural, ancestral, time-tested methods, including:

  • A nutrient-dense ancestral or primal diet
  • Evidence-based bodybuilding, strength, mobility and flexibility training.
  • Grounding (sometimes called "earthing"), natural deep breathing, and cultivating cold tolerance.
  • Natural philosophy and natural science.
  • Ancestral spiritual practices
  • Cultivating families, tribes, and nations.  
  • Frugal living, resource conservation, self-employment and ultimately economic autonomy.


A lover of wisdom (philosopher) must live differently from the common man. A man manifesting Primal Wisdom knows that he is literally a reincarnation of his ancient primal ancestors. He honors his ancestors in part by discovering and eating the way his ancestors ate.  His primal diet is composed of the most nutrient-dense traditional foods, primarily animal products, and does his best to avoid unnecessary and harmful agricultural and modern foods.

A primal man knows that the superficial intellectual mind is both self-deceptive and easily deceived, so he learns from the primal wisdom of the body. Consider that the superficial mind so revered by modernity is incapable of either monitoring or managing the body's physiology, hormone cycles, responses to stimuli, and so on. Yet every one of us has a deeper intelligence that monitors and manages all the trillions of cells and ongoing activities of the body, below conscious awareness.

If like your primal ancestors you Trust Your True Nature you will not be led astray. Like other wild animals, a primal man gets his nutritional guidance from his highly evolved senses of taste and satisfaction, which enabled his ancestors to survive for millions of years, paying little heed to modern 'scientific' nutrition studies, most of which produce false findings due to prevailing biases of indoctrinated investigators. 

A primal diet can support both muscle and weight gain, and fat and weight loss.  

Trust Your True Nature For Extraordinary Results


Through evolution by natural selection, Nature created a human species capable of strength far beyond what most modern individuals realize.  The following account taken from the book The Paleolithic Prescription by S. Boyd Eaton, Melvin Konner and Marjorie Shostak gives us some idea of the degree of muscular strength had by a natural man.

In 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition witnessed an Indian bison kill ….A small herd was stampeded over a cliff into a deep, broad ravine.  As the bison fell one on top of the other, dazed and injured, hunters killed those on top with spears; the others were crushed and suffocated underneath.  The ravine was twelve feet wide and eight feet deep; most of the bulls weighed over a ton, yet a team of five Indian hunters pulled nearly all the bison out of the ravine onto level ground for butchering.

Since a mature bison weighed about 2000 pounds, and a team of five natives could lift each animal out of the ravine, each hunter had the ability to lift and carry a load of at least 400 pounds on his own over a short distance.  This story shows how the natural environment and food quest of our ancestors favored the survival and reproduction of people who could develop and maintain high levels of strength and corresponding muscular development. 

In contrast, if you randomly take any five modern males in the age range of twenty to fifty years, you will not likely find even one that can deadlift 400 pounds, let alone five.  Modern people lack strength (physical, mental, and spiritual) and consequently, also lack the corresponding muscular and bone development that is their birthright.

Most modern men are weak.  A man who can develop strength but chooses not to do so, and indulges in weakness, insults his ancestors, and shortchanges himself, his family, tribe and nation. A man without strength is worth less to his community than a man with strength.  A primal man aims to have the appearance and strength of a demigod

Strength itself is a virtue, and strength training develops other virtues. For example, to develop physical strength one must simultaneously develop another virtue: patience.  Like the whole of Nature, your body is a biological system with its own cycles and rhythms. It can't be forced to change; rather, you must trust and align with your true nature in order to coax it to realization of your full potential. As Francis Bacon observed: "Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.”

Hence, an honest man seeking virtue and enlightenment must attend and pay dues in a Temple of Strength – or Temple of Iron – on a regular basis.   

Most of the strength and flexibility training guidance you find in magazines and online is provided by individuals who have extraordinary genetic endowments and may use steroids.  Their training advice may not help the genetically average individual realize his or her full potential.

Primal strength training and basic bodybuilding routines can produce extraordinary strength with minimalist methods that work very well even for those haven't gotten good results by following conventional strength training and bodybuilding dogma.  

Minimalist training methods enable the average man to build a healthy, Demigod-like body, as much muscle, strength, mobility and functional ability as your genetics will allow, without spending hours in a gym, so that you have plenty of time to devote your cause and kin.

Primal Grounding

Humans are Earthlings. We derive all of our strength from the Earth up. Our ancestors understood that a man disconnected from Mother Earth – an ungrounded man – is weak. A well-grounded man is a stronger man.

Natural Philosophy

Philosophy is the first science, man's original method for rational and empirical investigation of inner and outer Nature.  

You are not a free man if you believe anything that is false. The word "liberty" is derived from the Latin "liber" which means both "free" and "book." One key to freedom is discrimination. Modern dogmas teach nondiscrimination because those who promote these dogmas want to make slaves, not free thinkers. Without learning and the ability to discriminate between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, real and unreal, one can't achieve liberation. 

Primal philosophy aims at liberating the mind from ignorance and false beliefs through enlightenment, which is simply knowledge of and alignment with Reality, a.k.a. Nature and the Universe, What Is, or TRUTH.

Primal philosophy is for men who have the guts to question everything they have been told, all conventional dogmas and narratives, and not for those who fall to their knees to beg forgiveness and kiss the filthy feet of mere mortals claiming 'authority.' 

But first things first.  You can't free the mind without first or simultaneously building the body.


Our ancestors understood the difference between that which is Present and that which Exists. Pure awareness is the present, or pre-sent, in that without It, nothing would exist.  The word exist literally means out (ex-) stand (-ist).  To exist is to stand out among the furniture of the world.  Anything which one knows to ex-ist is an object of awareness, limited in space and/or time. But without awareness, nothing would be known to stand out, therefore nothing would ex-ist.

Awareness itself has no boundaries or limits. No one can deny the presence of Awareness without self-contradiction, because denial is impossible without awareness. Yet no one can describe, capture, or measure awareness either.  Awareness is nothing – that is, not a thing, limited in space or time – and yet it is everything, because without awareness, no experience of anything is possible. 

Our ancestors used shamanic techniques to explore the domain of awareness.  A man reclaiming Primal Wisdom uses ancestral spiritual disciplines, such as meditation, fasting, sweat lodges, cold exposure, vision quests, and so on to explore the boundaries of awareness himself.  

But before you undertake these arduous disciplines, you must develop a strong body and mind.


Humans are by nature familial, tribal, and nationalistic (i.e. ethnocentric).  A primal man is a noble barbarian who loves his woman, cultivates his family, serves his tribe, and protects his nation, which is his people, NOT the State or government of a territory, which is in every case a gang of thieves (a nation is a group of people related by birth and ancestry, not a political institution!).  A natural man is unapologetically partial to his own kin, knowing full well that it is quite literally impossible to love his neighbor as he loves himself, or care for strangers more than for one's own flesh and blood.  A man's ultimate goal is sovereignty for himself and liberty for his people, which means he seeks to protect and increase private property and free markets, and opposes coercive, violent States and governments (they are all coercive and violent!).


A primal man honors himself and his ancestors by striving for self-reliance and independence.  He lives frugally and conserves resources in order to accumulate sufficient material wealth to sustain himself and his family. He aims for self-employment and independence of centrally controlled money systems so that he remains free of manipulation. 


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