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Welcome to FULL RANGE STRENGTH.  My name is Don Matesz.  I have a burning desire to express my full potential for health, strength, wisdom and freedom.  On my 40+ years quest I have learned a few things that I think will help other men who have the same desire.  Full Range Strength is my venue for sharing knowledge and experience that can help you avoid the mistakes I made and reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.  

"The task of the philosopher is to create conditions that require stronger men who for their part need, and consequently will have, a morality that makes them strong."

Nietzsche, The Will to Power

The Full Range Strength System Components


Health is the basis of full range strength.  It is achieved by eating in harmony with your biology.  Humans evolved as apex predators eating a meat-based diet.  From a nutritional standpoint, the best foods are the most nutrient-dense foods.  Plant foods contain loads of indigestible fiber and nutrients bound in forms we can't efficiently absorb.  Animal foods are the most nutrient-dense because plant-eating animals concentrate the nutrients from many pounds of plants into one pound of animal meat.  

Like other wild animals, you have highly evolved senses of taste and satisfaction, which enabled your ancestors to survive for millions of years.  You need pay little heed to modern 'scientific' nutrition studies, most of which produce false findings due to prevailing biases of indoctrinated investigators.  Trust Your True Nature and you will not be led astray.

You can learn everything you need to know about how to thrive on a nutrient-dense whole foods animal based diet in my ground-breaking book The Hypercarnivore Diet.


Strength is the basis of all other fitness qualities.  I custom design High Intensity Training programs to enable you get maximum results possible with your genetic constitution, using the optimum intensity, volume and frequency of exercise.  I can help anyone, but I specialize in helping people apply high intensity and brief training principles to mastery of bodyweight strength and mobility skills, and helping men who are so-called hard-gainers (low responders), or over 40 years of age .

All Full Range Strength training programs are based on simple core principles:

Full Range Results!

1. Use the most effective, safest exercises that directly train all muscle groups and require the least amount of external added resistance and can be done safely at home with minimal equipment.  Your goal is to get as strong as possible in these basic exercises using progressive loading.  By building strength you will build muscle, and by building muscle you will burn more fat.  Its as simple as that.

2. Perform each exercise in a fashion that minimizes the risk of injury while maximizing the intensity of stimulus – so that you don’t waste time injured or performing unnecessary multiple sets. 

3. Perform no more nor less than the exact amount of exercise needed to stimulate the body to improve.  

A lot of the strength and flexibility training guidance you find online is provided by individuals less than 40 years of age who have extraordinary genetic endowments and may use steroids .  Their training advice may not help the genetically average or older individual realize his or her full potential.  Many programs require time commitments that are not practical for a man who has work and family obligations.  Full Range Strength training  programs can produce extraordinary strength with time-efficient minimalist methods that work very well even for those haven't gotten good results by following conventional strength training and bodybuilding systems.  

Full Range Strength programs will enable you to have much muscle, strength, mobility and functional ability as your genetics will allow, without spending hours in a gym, so that you have plenty of time to devote your cause and kin.    


Full Range Strength includes mental strength.  Philosophy is the first science, man's original method for rational and empirical investigation of inner and outer Nature.  Its first dictum is:  Know Thyself

The word "liberty" is derived from the Latin "liber" which means both "free" and "book." One key to freedom is discrimination. Without learning and the ability to discriminate between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, real and unreal, healthy and unhealthy one can't achieve liberation. Modern dogmas teach nondiscrimination because those who promote these dogmas want to make slaves, not free thinkers. 

Philosophy is for men who have the guts to question everything they have been told, all conventional dogmas and narratives, and not for those who fall to their knees to beg forgiveness and kiss the filthy feet of mere mortals claiming 'authority.' 


Freedom is the ultimate goal of Full Range Strength.  A man honors himself, his family, his tribe, his nation and his ancestors by striving for self-reliance and independence.  He lives frugally and conserves resources in order to accumulate sufficient material wealth to sustain himself and his family. He aims for self-employment and independence of centrally controlled money systems so that he remains free of manipulation. 

Humans are by nature familial, tribal, and nationalistic (i.e. ethnocentric).  A noble man loves his woman, cultivates his family, serves his tribe, and protects his nation, which is his people, NOT the State or government of a territory, which is in every case a gang of thieves (a nation is a group of people related by birth and ancestry, not a political institution!).  A noble man is unapologetically partial to his own kin, knowing full well that it is quite literally impossible to love his neighbor as he loves himself, or care for strangers more than for one's own flesh and blood.  A man's ultimate goal is sovereignty for himself and liberty for his people, which means he seeks to protect and increase private property and free markets, and opposes coercive, violent States and governments (they are all coercive and violent!).

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