Atheism Is Self-Contradictory

Atheism (fr. Greek atheos) is defined as belief (i.e. faith) that there is no (a-) conscious supreme being, commonly known as God (Greek theos). 

In Atheism Is Self-Contradictory I demonstrate that atheism is phenomenologically, logically and practically self-contradictory because there is a Supreme Being, consisting of pure consciousness/intelligence, the presence of which no one can deny without self-contradiction.

Here is an excerpt from Atheism Is Self-Contradictory:

Those who deny the Lord deny themselves;

those who affirm the Lord affirm themselves.  

The wise, not the unwise, realize the Lord.

Taittiriya Upanishad II.6.1

1:  Atheism Defined

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines atheism as follows:

1  a: a lack of belief or a strong disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods

    b: a philosophical or religious position characterized by disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods.

I want immediately to draw attention to the use of the word “existence” in these definitions.  If one fails to distinguish between presence and existence, one can get very confused about the ultimate Nature of Reality, particularly if one has received a high degree of indoctrination in “scientific” materialism. 

The word “exist” comes from the Latin roots ex “forth” and sistere “cause to stand.”  Thus, it literally means to stand forth, emerge, appear, arise.  We find the root ex in such words as exterior, exit, extrovert, excess, and others.  To ex-ist is to emerge, stand out, and be visible.  

Now, in order to stand out in the exterior world a thing must have definite boundaries in time or space.  From this it follows that only finite things, appearances, or phenomena can ex-ist.  

Thus, if one is looking for a “god” that ex-ists, one is looking for a finite “god.”  In other words, the atheist doesn’t believe in any god because he can’t find any such thing among the things of the world.

This reveals the fundamental problem with the atheist, namely he doesn’t understand this very important fact:  It is in principle impossible for any finite thing –– that is, no phenomenon –– in the field of existents to be the Supreme Being or Ultimate Reality.

Simply, it is the very nature of finite things to be limited in time and space.  All things that ex-ist are transient, therefore nothing that ex-ists can be an ultimate or supreme being or reality.  

The word “present” (as a verb) comes from the Latin praesentem (nominative praesens) meaning “present, at hand, in sight; immediate; prompt, instant; contemporary.” The Latin praesens is formed from the roots prae- “before” and esse “to be.”  Thus the word originally literally meant “before being.” 

Consider this sentence:  “I will present the evidence to the committee.”   To present the evidence (which ex-ists, stands out) to the committee is to put it “at hand; in sight,” that is, before (a) being who will examine and evaluate that which stands out.  

What kind of being?  We don't present evidence to a rock, we present it to someone who is a witness, who consists of awareness (a.k.a. consciousness). 

Awareness is ontologically quite different from things that ex-ist. No one can deny the presence of awareness without self-contradiction.  The statement “There is no awareness” actually means “I am aware that there is no awareness.”  The statement “There is no witness” actually means “I witness that there is no witness.”  Thus, denying the presence of awareness is self-contradictory.  It is impossible to deny the presence of awareness because one must be aware in order to make the denial.

Thus, we are absolutely certain that awareness is present, but does awareness ex-ist?  I urge you to try to find awareness standing out among all the things in the world.

If you do this you will fail.  Awareness can’t be found among the phenomena we witness.  Awareness is the witness of the phenomena, the one looking “out there” for a something or other, such as a “god” conceived as some thing that exists. 

When one is looking “out there” for some thing, one can’t find awareness/the witness, because awareness/the witness is the one who is looking!

Here’s my main point:  Atheists are looking for the Supreme Being among the finite things that ex-ist in the field of phenomena, revealing their ignorance of the fact that it is in principle impossible for any finite thing to be a supreme being or ultimate reality.    

Herein, I demonstrate that atheism is phenomenologically, logically and practically self-contradictory because there is a Supreme Being, consisting of pure consciousness/intelligence, the presence of which no one can deny without self-contradiction.

2:  The Supreme Being

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, the word “supreme” has the following meanings:

  • Greatest in power, authority, or rank; paramount or dominant.
  • Greatest in importance, significance, character or achievement
  • Ultimate; final.

Thus,  "ultimate" is a synonym for "supreme"

I will now demonstrate that, contrary to atheism, there is a being,  the presence of which no one can deny without self-contradiction, which is conscious and supreme in all the above senses, and masculine as well.

1. Reality is present

It may seem odd to some readers that I feel the need to prove that there is a reality, but in our current intellectual climate some, perhaps many or even most people – particularly many of those afflicted with the mental disorder called atheism – believe that everything is relative, and if everything is relative then there is no truth or reality. 

Proof:  No one can deny the presence of reality, because every denial of reality is an assertion of reality.  If someone were to say “there is no reality,” he is saying that he himself is not present as a part of reality to make the assertion!  This is phenomenological self-contradiction. 

Moreover, logically, the assertion “There is no reality” is logically equivalent to “The reality is there is no reality.”  This is self-contradictory.  The same is true of "There is no truth" which is equivalent to "The truth is there is no truth" which again is self-contradictory.  Therefore there is a reality, or, in other words, there is truth, that is independent of individual beliefs.

Finally, reality is present, that is it is not past nor future.  Reality is Now.

2. The Ultimate Reality Is Present

Proof:  Ultimate reality (supreme or final truth) is that being – whatever it is – the presence of which no one can deny or doubt without self-contradiction. No one can deny the presence of reality without self-contradiction.  Therefore, within the reality we are unable to deny, there is some presence, essence or being which is ultimate, i.e. ultimate reality.

Moreover, logically, the assertion “There is no ultimate reality” is logically equivalent to “The ultimate reality is there is no ultimate reality.”  This is self-contradictory.  Therefore there is an ultimate reality.

The word “reality” is logically equivalent to either “truth” or “being.”  That is, the ultimate reality is also the ultimate truth and ultimate being.  If we substitute either “truth” or “being” for “reality” in this argument, we obtain the same result. Therefore, there is an ultimate being or ultimate truth, and these are one and the same with (synonyms for) the ultimate reality.

As shown above, the word “supreme” is a synonym for “ultimate.”  

Therefore, the supreme being (ultimate reality) is present, and no one – not even if afflicted with atheism – can deny this without self-contradiction. 

Thus, denial of the presence of a supreme being – that is, atheism – is self-contradictory.  Now I will prove that the Supreme Being consists of pure consciousness which is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.


The complete Atheism is Self-Contradictory e-book is coming soon!

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