Atheism Is Self-Contradictory

Atheism (fr. Greek atheos) is defined as absence (Greek a-)of belief in a conscious supreme being, commonly known as God (Greek theos). 

In this essay I will demonstrate that atheism is phenomenologically and logically self-contradictory because there is a Supreme Being, consisting of pure consciousness/intelligence, the presence of which no one can deny without self-contradiction.

The Supreme Being

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, the word “supreme” has the following meanings:

  • Greatest in power, authority, or rank; paramount or dominant.
  • Greatest in importance, significance, character or achievement
  • Ultimate; final.

I will now demonstrate that, contrary to atheism, there is a being,  the presence of which no one can deny without self-contradiction, which is conscious and supreme in all the above senses, and masculine as well.

1. Reality is present

It may seem odd to some readers that I feel the need to prove that there is a reality, but in our current intellectual climate some, perhaps many or even most people – particularly many of those afflicted with the mental disorder called atheism – believe that everything is relative, and if everything is relative then there is no truth or reality. 

Proof:  No one can deny the presence of reality, because every denial of reality is an assertion of reality.  If someone were to say “there is no reality,” he is saying that he himself is not present as a part of reality to make the assertion!  This is phenomenological self-contradiction. 

Moreover, logically, the assertion “There is no reality” is logically equivalent to “The reality is there is no reality.”  This is self-contradictory.  Therefore there is a reality, or, in other words, there is truth, that is independent of individual beliefs.

Finally, reality is present, that is it is not past nor future.  Reality is Now.

2. The Ultimate Reality Is Present

Proof:  Ultimate reality (supreme or final truth) is that being – whatever it is – the presence of which no one can deny or doubt without self-contradiction. No one can deny the presence of reality without self-contradiction.  Therefore, within the reality we are unable to deny, there is some presence, essence or being which is ultimate, i.e. ultimate reality.

Moreover, logically, the assertion “There is no ultimate reality” is logically equivalent to “The ultimate reality is there is no ultimate reality.”  This is self-contradictory.  Therefore there is an ultimate reality.

The word “reality” is logically equivalent to either “truth” or “being.”  That is, the ultimate reality is also the ultimate truth and ultimate being.  If we substitute either “truth” or “being” for “reality” in this argument, we obtain the same result. Therefore, there is an ultimate being or ultimate truth, and these are one and the same with (synonyms for) the ultimate reality.

As shown above, the word “supreme” is a synonym for “ultimate.”  

Therefore, the supreme being (ultimate reality) is present, and no one – not even if afflicted with atheism – can deny this without self-contradiction. 

Thus, denial of the presence of a supreme being – that is, atheism – is self-contradictory.  Now I will prove that the Supreme Being consists of pure consciousness which is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

NOTE: In what follows I will refer to the ultimate reality or supreme being as “Reality,” and any other logically possible but non-ultimate thing – i.e. any perishable thing, i.e. any phenomena – is a “reality.”

3. Reality (the Supreme Being) encompasses – includes within itself – all possible things, beings, realities or phenomena.

Proof: Whatever is outside of Reality is by nature and definition non-real.  Therefore, logically and phenomenologically, there can be nothing outside of Reality.  Let me illustrate with a diagram.  If the circle represents Reality, then whatever is outside of Reality is unReal or non-Real.  

The pseudo-realm of non-Reality consists of “things” which are logically impossible because self-contradictory, such as square circles, married bachelors and known unknowns.

4. Reality (the Supreme Being) is infinite and eternal

Proof:  If Reality (the Supreme Being) had a limit in time or space, then Reality (the Supreme Being) would be in time and/or space. That would mean that some of time and space occur outside of Reality (the Supreme Being), i.e. in the realm of the unreal. But nothing can exist outside, before or after Reality (the Supreme Being).  Therefore, time and space occur inside Reality (the Supreme Being).

Since there can be nothing outside of Reality (the Supreme Being), there can be no boundaries to Reality, either in space or time.  Therefore Reality (the Supreme Being) is infinite (no spatial boundaries) and eternal (no temporal boundaries i.e. beginning or end).  

Phenomenologically, you always have your being, reality or presence in the Present, never in the past or the future.  Reality is always present, presenting Itself.

In a word, Reality – the Supreme Being – is omnipresent.

5. Reality (the Supreme Being) is omnipotent

Proof:  Per proof 4, nothing exists outside of Reality (the Supreme Being); therefore all powers exist within Reality (the Supreme Being). In other words, Reality (the Supreme Being) encompasses or possesses all powers.

In a word, Reality – the Supreme Being – is omnipotent

In perfect accord with the will of the Imperishable, sun and moon make their orbits; heaven and earth remain in place; moments, hours, days, nights, fortnights, months, and seasons become years; rivers starting from the snow-clad mountains flow east and west, north and south, to the sea. 

Chandogya Upanisad III:9

6. The Ultimate Reality – the Supreme Being – is (consists of) consciousness/intelligence.

If they have a metaphysics at all, people afflicted with atheism typically are materialists who believe that there is nothing except matter; some go so far as to deny the presence of consciousness.  Here I prove that this affliction called atheism involves pathological denial of the presence of the very essence of one's own being.  

Proof:  Ultimate Reality is that, the presence of which no one can deny or doubt without self-contradiction (Proof of 2 above).  No one can deny or doubt the presence of consciousness – the witness or knower of things, beings, phenomena – without self-contradiction.  The statement “I am not conscious” is logically equivalent to “I am conscious that I am not conscious.”  

Or, since awareness is a synonym for consciousness,  "There is no awareness" is logically equivalent to "I am aware that there is no (such thing as) awareness."  

Or, "There is no witness" is logically unpacked: "I witness that there is no witness."

No matter which formulation, this is a logical and phenomenological self-contradiction.  

Therefore, consciousness/awareness/the witness is the Ultimate Reality, a.k.a. Supreme Being.

This Witness is the Supreme One that is watching over every one.  This One is your conscience; He knows and consequently you know when you have done wrong.  Conscience is the reason people who have done evil can not be silent alone – all-one – with themselves.  The Witness will show you your sins and you will be in hell.  To get to heaven you have to clear your conscience by removing ignorance, greed, and anger/resentment.  The path to heaven starts with forgiveness.  The Witness will forgive you when you forgive have forgiven those you resent. 

Now many people – particularly those afflicted with atheism – will find this hard to accept because they hold multiple false beliefs about the nature of consciousness.  Therefore I now will further debunk atheism by proving that consciousness is universal, eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

7.  Consciousness is Present but does not exist, i.e. is not an object.

Proof:  To exist is to stand or be (Latin -ist) out (Latin ex-).  To stand out a thing must have boundaries in space and time.  A physical thing has dimensions, color, mass, sound, odor, taste, and texture; a mental thing (thought, image, dream, etc.) has a duration but no dimensions in physical space. 

Dimensions, color, mass, sound, odor, taste, texture and duration are all objects of consciousness.  Without consciousness powering the physical senses and mind, no one can see, hear, smell, taste, feel or measure.  However, consciousness – the knower or witness – has no dimensions, color, mass, sound, odor, taste or texture.  If you don't believe me, devote a day to finding the dimensions, color, mass, sound, odor, taste and texture of the Witness. 

You can not find consciousness by rummaging around in the world of physical and mental objects because consciousness is the one looking!  It is the light of your world.  Looking out in the world of things for consciousness is like using a flashlight to look out in a room for the source of the light produced by the flashlight.

If you disagree, I invite you to send me a package of consciousness by UPS to prove to me that consciousness is a finite thing. 

8. Consciousness is universal, not particular

Proof:  Per 7 above, consciousness does not occur in time or space, i.e. is not an object in the world. Therefore, it is both indivisible and universal.  It is the power by which each of us knows our limited condition, but it is not itself limited or possessed by individual conditions.

To explain: Harry, Sally and their cat are all individual beings characterized by different physical and mental characteristics. Harry consists of one set of mental and physical characteristics, Sally of another set, and the cat of another set.  However, each of these individual beings is powered by one and the same consciousness (which is the source of life itself).  

The situation is similar to the relationship between electricity and electrical appliances.  There are a myriad of electrical appliances – such as toasters, televisions, radios, blenders, stoves and others – each of which converts electricity into different phenomena (heat, light, motion, etc.).  However, all electrical appliances are powered by one electricity.  The electricity is uni-versal; the appliance is particular.

Similarly, consciousness (life) itself is universal (from Latin unus, one; and vertere, to transform, to turn), the One that transforms or turns (enters) into the myriad of conscious beings.  Every one will perish, but the One will forever remain, perpetually turning into a myriad of other beings. 

9. Consciousness is eternal and infinite

Proof: Per 7, consciousness does not exist (stand out), and cannot be found in space or time.  However, per 6, no one can deny the presence of consciousness…it is undeniably Present in the moment, HERE and NOW.  Since consciousness is present but not found in time or space, it is not bound by time or space, and is therefore eternal and infinite.

Phenomenologically, whereas things, beings, and phenomena all come and go (arise and perish), we directly experience that consciousness is present everywhere and always. Its unchanging Presence is the very source of your sense of Self, the sense that you remain one entity ~ an I, some one  ~ through a lifetime despite the radical changes in your body and mind from birth to death.  

 Therefore consciousness is ever-present, the Presence in the Present. 

10. Consciousness encompasses – includes within itself – all possible things, realities or phenomena.

Proof: To prove the existence of a finite thing is nothing but to present it or evidence of it to some witness consisting of consciousness.  If anything were to be absolutely outside the realm of consciousness it would be in principle impossible to know of that thing.  

To clarify: If anyone were to claim “x exists,” all rational thinkers would ask for evidence of x’s existence (or presence).  To ask for evidence for x is to ask for x (or evidence of x) to be presented to some One, i.e. some Witness.  Without some One (consciousness), there can be no experience, no knowledge, no thing at all. If x was outside the realm/reach/extent of consciousness then it would be impossible to present x or evidence of x to any witness.  

Note I am not saying that x must be within the realm/reach/extent of awareness of all particular finite knowers (men, women, dogs, cats, etc.) but that it must be within the realm/extent of universal consciousness itself. 

Let me illustrate with a diagram.  If the circle represents the realm/extent/domain of consciousness, then if any thing was absolutely outside of the realm/extent/domain it would be in principle unknowable, therefore it no one (i.e. no locus of consciousness a.k.a. sentient being) could experience it or prove its existence.  

The pseudo-realm of “outside consciousness” consists of “things” which are logically impossible because self-contradictory, such as square circles, married bachelors and known unknowns.  It is the pseudo-realm of the unReal.

In summary, there is nothing – no Reality or reality – outside of the realm of consciousness. Reality is the realm of consciousness, and the realm of consciousness is Reality.  

11.  Universal consciousness possess all powers.

Proof:  Everything that exists, exists within the realm of consciousness (10 above).  Therefore all known and knowable powers occur only in the realm/domain of consciousness. In other words, universal consciousness possesses all powers.

In a word, universal consciousness is omnipotent. 

12. Consciousness is all-knowing.

Proof:  All that can be known occurs within the realm/domain/extent of consciousness, as an object of consciousness.  Therefore, the realm of consciousness comprehends (from Latin comprehendere. "to take together, to unite; include; seize")  all that can be comprehended, knows all that can be known.  

Consciousness is the One Knower that comprehends all/knows all there is to know, partly through the various knowers, namely psychophysical entities such as human beings, cats, dogs, insects, etc.

The One operates in and through all sentient beings.  I believe this is why we have the words “anyone,” “everyone” and “no-one.”  These words were put into use when at least the wise among us understood that there is only One Knower and each of us is one finite re-presentation of the One.

Since everyone is empowered with life and consciousness by the One universal consciousness, through every-one the Supreme One sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches and knows all.  That One, i.e. pure universal consciousness, is therefore, in a word, omniscient.  

Please note that I am not arguing that any particular finite conscious being is omniscient.  No-one is omniscient, where "one" means a finite sentient being.  On the contrary, all finite conscious beings are by Nature limited in knowledge by the extent of their sensory and mental equipment. 

However, just as the limits of individual electrical appliances are not the limits of electricity, and electricity is not reducible to electrical appliance, the limits of individual sentient beings are not the limits of consciousness, and consciousness is not reducible to any limited sentient being.

Now that I have proved that Consciousness is the One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Ultimate Reality or Supreme Being powering every sentient being, I can now conclude against atheism:

13. No one can deny the Presence or Consciousness of the Supreme Being without self-contradiction.

Proof:  No one can deny the presence of consciousness without self-contradiction. Consciousness is the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Supreme Being that powers every conscious being (6-12).  Therefore, anyone who denies the Presence of the Supreme Being is in fact denying that One Presence and Power which makes him capable of being, living and knowing anything at all, i.e. consciousness.  

In short, in denying the presence of the Supreme Being, people afflicted with atheism are denying the presence of that which gives them their own being, presence and awareness!  Ergo, atheism is self-contradictory and a mental affliction.

Atheism Is An Affliction!

A man divided against his own Self (i.e. against God) can not be whole, i.e. healthy, or strong.  Such self-contradiction can only produce suffering.  

I submit that this self-contradiction naturally leads to spiritual dis-ease, which is why:

Addendum:  The Supreme Being is Male

Many people afflicted with atheism object to the idea that the Supreme Being is male, considering this "sexist."  However, if you have a basic understanding of the characteristics of male, female, consciousness and the Order of the Universe it is obvious that the Ultimate Reality or Supreme Being is masculine, not feminine. 

Fundamentally, male and female are defined by the sexual organs. 

The male is represented by his straight and erect phallus (rod); the female is represented by her rounded opening (vagina, yoni) into an empty sphere-like vessel (womb) and a rounded egg.  

Male is thus classically symbolized simply by the erect line, such as the number One – 1 – or capital "I", both phallic symbols.  Accordingly when the One is fully present, one can say “I am” and stand up. 

The spherical female vessel (womb, egg) accepts the life force from the male.  Female is accordingly symbolized simply by the zero – 0 – which is a symbol of the vagina, the womb and the egg.  

The male actively penetrates and the female passively receives and holds.  The male is the provider of the life essence (sperm) which penetrates and activates (brings to life)  the egg.  Thus the male is the creative force without which the egg is just matter. 

The words “matter” and “material” are derived from the Latin mater, meaning mother, origin, source.  The word “pattern” is derived from the Latin pater (Sanskrit pitar, Greek pater), meaning father, the model for behavior.

After a human dies, when the power of consciousness and life – i.e. what is classically called the soul – leaves the body, we see how matter itself becomes weak, quiet, soft, passive, dark (i.e. unconscious), cold and without self-sustaining pattern, i.e. disordered.  

Put otherwise, when the Supreme One (consciousness/life) leaves, the limited one (finite sentient being) goes to zero, i.e. death.

From this we see directly that matter itself, without consciousness, is just so much impotent dust; it is nothing or “nothing personal” i.e. it is 0, empty.  Matter does not become someone, anyone, an individual – until it is penetrated and inhabited by the Supreme One.  

In sum, just as the male sperm activates the otherwise passive female egg,  pure consciousness activates matter to produce self-organizing life manifesting heat, activity, and the light of awareness.

Research has shown that generally speaking, males are more dominant, assertive, tough-minded, emotionally stable, and apt to hierarchy, abstract ideas, reason and logic while women are more sociable, sensitive, emotion-focused, indirect and egalitarian. 

We know the Supreme One is rational because a) we are rational, and you can't get a being that can reason from a Source that lacks reason, and b) all of Nature displays rational pattern, or logos, which we discover through natural philosophy.  A pattern is in-FORM-ation, the substance of intelligence and law.  Indeed, as  physicist Gerald Schroeder proves in the following video, God creates and orders / governs all things of this world via the force of His Law(s): 

Since God is the Source of all Law, and governs all things, He is rightly called the King of all things.  From the beginning, Humans made in His image are charged with adhering to His Law.  Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible deal with God's Law and the disasters that arise when people think they are above God's Law or that human law is superior to God's Law.  

Nature is hierarchical, not egalitarian.  This is simply indisputable.  In any functional organism, we have a head which leads and a tail that follows.  If the tail were to try to lead and make the head follow, the organism would fail, because the tail is simply incapable of the functions needed to lead.  The head is where we find consciousness and reason; thus the logos is for the more active mind (consciousness and reason) to lead the more passive body (emotions and passions), not the other way around.  

Similarly, compared to God Himself, man is passive (a creature), so God (God's Law) should be the head (leader) of mankind. When man thinks he is a law unto himself, he attempts to pass himself off as a god.  This violates the natural order (Creator is always superior to creature) and thus is forbidden by the First commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before the Supreme One.  

All of Nature reflects the same order.  That which is more passive is always controlled and lead by that which is more active.  Hence in Nature's order minerals are passive to plants, plants are passive to animals,  and animals are passive to humans.  This is nothing to lament; its just the Way things are.  Children are by Nature passive to mother, female/woman/mother is by Nature passive to male/man/father, man is by Nature passive to Logos/Dharma/Natural Law, and Logos is passive to the Supreme One – God.  Parents lead and children follow; if the more ignorant children were allowed to lead, the family will soon collapse.  Again, its just the Order of things. 

Moreover, consciousness – the Witness – is impartial and unemotional – hence masculine in Nature, and in the healthy human psyche, consciousness leads/controls reason (logic/logos), and reason leads/controls emotion/passion.  We all realize that passions (feminine in Nature) are blind and blinding.  If feminine passion is allowed to "lead" masculine reason, its like letting the tail usurp or "lead" the head.  The simple fact is that the tail can't lead, it can only follow; so if passions are allowed or made to lead reason, disaster will inevitably follow.

The Supreme One is dominant, and through Natural Law exercises absolute authority over every action taken in this Universe.  Reality holds a hard line. Unlike an imbalanced woman/mother who would "baby" you, and perhaps even bawl if you hurt yourself foolishly, the Supreme One lets you reap what you sow according to the Law.  If you ignore the Natural Order and walk off a physical or moral cliff, you will suffer and probably die.  The Supreme One does not shed tears for fools.  He's not emotionally involved or attached to you or your success or failure. He lets you create hell or heaven for yourself.  He lets you suffer until you learn the righteous way.

Heaven and Earth are inhumane;

           they view the myriad creatures as straw dogs.

The sage is inhumane;

           he views the common people as straw dogs.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 49 in Mair translation

"Common people" worship people and things, follow their thoughts and live in their imaginations, not in alignment with the One. They are children in complete rebellion against their father, so the father cares not about them and will let them suffer and die until they repent.  

On the other hand, like any good father the Supreme One will reward any one who returns and adheres to Him, the Way, Truth, Light and Life, and respects the Law.  Yes, I am asserting that, contrary to popular wishes, God does not offer "unconditional love" and He does have favorites: those who worship Him and adhere to the Way.  

Thus Reality, the Supreme Being, the Universal Consciousness, is masculine; He is head honcho, the Father of all creatures, and the pattern for all men to follow: calm, firm, quiet and strong, with the only true kind of love: tough love.   

The Lord abides in the hearts of all beings, O Arjuna, causing all beings to revolve by His power (maya), as if they were mounted on a machine.

Go to Him alone for shelter with all thy being, O Bharata.  By His grace, thou shalt obtain supreme peace and the eternal abode.

Bhagavad Gita (Song of the Lord) XVIII:61-62

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