The Art of Gaining Strength

If you are a Christian Patriot like me, and want to command the respect and authority of other men as well as women and children, you need make yourself worthy.  You need to earn it.  You need to strive to be a living example of greatness – a physical, mental, moral and spiritual hero. 

You need to build great strength and a correspondingly impressive physique.  You need to develop mental strength and toughness, great insight and intelligence, by learning from other men of great mental, moral and martial stature, and studying the great books and scriptures.  You need to seek to know and strive to adhere to the Truth.  

If you want your wife, children and others to follow you, you need to be worth following. You need to lead by example, by living an honest, righteous and productive life.  You need to strive to do good and combat evil.  You need to live as a free man, and refuse to bow before any other man.  You can learn from other men, but never ever worship them, because no man is without fault.  You worship only the Truth, the Supreme Lord, the Creator and Sustainer upon which every moment of your limited life depends.  

You need to strive to make yourself free of ignorance, greed, and anger.  You need to have command of your senses and passions.  You need to get free of fear and vice and full of virtue.

That will make you a man worthy of respect, a man who commands respect by his mere presence, a man who has real authority because he lives aligned with Truth to the best of his ability.

If you agree, or are inspired, you are in the right place. Otherwise, move on.  

Hello!  My name is Don.  I'm the author of this website and of Primal Fasting and The Hypercarnivore Diet

I am on a mission to rebuild men from the ground up.  Modernity, materialism, Marxism, masturbation and promiscuity have made men weak and pitiful shells, mere shadows of their ancestors.  So many of my brothers are fat, sick, and physically, mentally, morally and spiritually weak.  They get no respect from women or children because they honestly aren't respectable. They have no authority because they lack wisdom and righteousness. No one will follow them because they are headed off a cliff! Many are being controlled by their mothers or other women in their lives.

Evil people have cast the spells that have led men down this path.  They have deliberately pushed policies and ideologies that make men weak and easily manipulated.  Those who seek control want men to be weak and enslaved by their own passions, because weak men pose no threat to their plan to create a slave society run by banksters and gangsters.  

Not on my remaining watch.

We are going to recover our birthright.  We are going to become real, honest, strong and righteous men who command respect without demanding respect.  We are going to learn from the great men of history.  We are going to emulate the best.  We are going to take the planks out of our own eyes before we complain about the specks in the eye of others.  We are going to hold ourselves to a Higher Standard, the Highest Standard.  We are going to be great men who are physically, mentally, morally and spiritually strong because we are striving to understand and align ourselves with Natural Law (Latin logosSanskrit dharma; Chinese dao/tao), the will and power of God.  

Are you with me?  

"Do not suppose that I have come to abolish the Law and the prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to complete.  I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened. If any man therefore sets aside even the least of the Law's demands, and teaches others so, he will have the lowest place in the kingdom of Heaven, whereas anyone who keeps the Law, and teaches others so, will stand high in the kingdom of Heaven."  – Yeshua the Anointed One (aka Jesus the Christ), Mathew 5:17-20

"A man has as many masters as he has vices" – Augustine of Hippo

"A man has as many masters as he has desires" – Epictetus

The Gaining Strength site and system is about:

  • Gaining strength and muscle mass, molding yourself into an impressive god-like physical condition, with progressive, brief, high intensity training.
  • Gaining health with a traditional meat- and milk-based, hypercarnivore diet.
  • Gaining mental health, strength and freedom from anger, greed and vice by forgiving those who have made you weak, sick and confused (including especially your parents).
  • Gaining moral strength and stature (i.e. righteousness) and laying the foundations of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth by following the natural moral law which is in fact the one and only Way to love your fellow man.
  • Gaining spiritual strength and liberation by learning to still the mind (stilling the mind=yoga) so you can be still and know God.

He who knows others is clever;

He who knows himself has insight.

He who conquers others has force;

He who conquers himself is truly strong.

He who knows when he has got enough is rich, 

And he who adheres assiduously to the Tao is a man of steady purpose.   

– Tao Te Ching

Get Started Gaining Strength!

Articles about gaining physical strength and muscle mass

Articles about gaining moral strength

Articles about methods for gaining spiritual strength

I have plenty of useful information on this site, and I offer online coaching for people who want to improve their physical, mental, moral and spiritual strength with a whole foods animal-based diet, high intensity strength training, and the wisdom of traditional philosophy and spiritual practices. 

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