Do you want to gain as much strength, muscle and mobility as possible while minimizing training time, cost and injury risk? 

Do you also want to achieve excellent health and maximize your functional life span? 

I have good news for you – you found the right resource!

Hello!  My name is Don.  I'm the author of this website and of Primal Fasting and The Hypercarnivore Diet

 I am on a mission to help people restore and build health, strength and muscle mass, with high quality, nutrient-dense foods and safe, simple and brief strength training programs. 

Training for gaining strength and muscle can seem complicated, costly and time-consuming.  You might wonder whether you need fancy equipment and expensive supplements to make it happen.

Then there are all the questions: Which exercises do I need, and which should I avoid? How many repetitions per set, how many sets per exercise, and how many exercises per training session? How do I avoid injuries? How much protein? Which supplements should I take?....and that's just a start!

I've got you covered!  

All my strength training programs are based on simple core principles:

57 Years of Age

1. Use effective, safe exercises that directly train all muscle groups and can be done safely with minimal equipment.  Your goal is to get as strong as possible in these basic exercises using progressive loading.  By building strength you will build muscle, and by building muscle you will burn more fat.  Its as simple as that.

2. Perform each exercise in a fashion that minimizes the risk of injury while maximizing the intensity of stimulus – so that you don’t waste time injured or performing redundant work. 

3. Perform the optimum amount of exercise needed to stimulate the body to improve.  

You're in the right place if....

  • You have limited time to train and want to get maximum results with minimum time investment, and at the same time...
  • You are skeptical of claims that you can maximize your results training only once or twice weekly for 10 minutes per session
  • You've heard of "high intensity training" but aren't sure what it means (its not what they do at Crossfit gyms!)
  • You've been injured on other programs and want to learn how to train so safely for life that you NEVER injure yourself in training
  • You'd rather develop impressive strength doing basic chin ups, dips and squats than use the latest high-tech computerized resistance machine at the chrome and fern gym
  • You would prefer to train at home if possible, to eliminate travel time and time spent waiting for equipment when other people are using it
  • You want to gain not only strength and muscle but also full range mobility
  • You want to know how to eat to not only get and stay lean, but also to re-claim and maintain excellent health
  • You enjoy eating meat, eggs, milk products and fruit and don't really like vegetables
  • You prefer liberty over slavery 

What you won't find here

  • Training routines that take more than 45-60 minutes to complete
  • Dangerous exercises or exercise performance
  • Routines based on fancy machines
  • Preoccupation with the quantity of weight you can lift or exercise you can endure, versus the quality of your exercise performance 
  • Recommendations for pharmaceutical "gear" 
  • Plant-based diet recommendations
  • Recommendations to eat whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts or seeds

Some of the information on this site

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