Coaching Services

I offer these services to help you realize your goals for health, strength, mobility, wisdom, personal excellence and life satisfaction.  My credentials:

  • B.A. and  M.A. philosophy (University of Toledo, Ohio)
  • International Association of Resistance Trainers Fitness Clinician Certification
  • American Academy of Nutrition Certification
  • Transformation Meditation Certified Instructor
  • M.S. Oriental medicine (Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, Arizona)
  • NCCAOM national board certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine
  • Licensed Oriental medicine provider in Arizona, Ohio and Michigan
  • Presenter at the first Ancestral Health Conference
  • More than 40 years of direct personal experience with various diet styles including vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, paleo, and hyper carnivore.

Inspired Strength Coaching

I offer Strength and Mobility Coaching to help you gain strength, muscle and mobility using safe, brief and infrequent high intensity training methods.  The primary goal is to achieve proper postural alignment, gain strength and muscle, and lose body fat to prevent aging and disease; in addition you will improve flexibility/mobility, restore full joint functionality, and improve cardiorespiratory capacity.  I specialize in helping people over 40 years of age develop muscle, strength and mobility using bodyweight training, limited weights, and home-based training.  I will design a simple program with progressions specifically for you, taking into account your unique limitations, equipment (barbells, resistance bands, bodyweight, etc.) and goals.  

Only $50 per month!

I offer the Inspired strength and mobility online coaching program at only $50 per month!  I use the True Coach app which enables me to coach every strength or mobility training session you complete, as well as provide nutrition coaching for body composition changes.


The Inspired Fitness programs include 2-3 full body strength training sessions each week, each of which will take about 30 minutes to complete.  You will also perform 2-3 mobility training sessions each week, each of which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.   So you will be training 20-30 minutes each day, 5-6 days each week. 

Limited Equipment Required

To get started with Inspired Strength and Mobility Programs you will need access to the following equipment:

  • Pull up bar or hung rings or suspension trainer for upper body pulling exercises
  • Bodylastics or similar bands (will be used initially for overhead pressing, squatting, and hamstring exercises).  These can also be used to provide assistance for pull ups in case you are not yet able to do at least 6 unassisted chin ups.
  • Brute belt or similar to use with the Bodylastics bands to add resistance to lower body exercises 
  • Some sturdy steps (such as a step stool or stairs) about 6" and 12" high.  Most people need this to begin working on ATG split squats which are essential to the programs I prescribe.
  • A basic flat exercise bench ($50-100) or similar apparatus.
  • The Inspired Strength DIY band platform and calf block or similar apparatus.

Its also useful to have a basic barbell and dumbbell set with 150-200 pounds of weights, but you don't need these to get started.  

Interested in working with me?

If you are interested in anti-aging strength and mobility coaching, send me an email at  I'll get you set up with a True Coach account and get you on your way to greater fitness at only $50 per month!

Inspired Health Coaching 

I offer coaching service to help you understand, implement, adapt to and thrive on a flexible whole foods diet (including lean meats, dairy, eggs, fruits, roots, nuts, vegetables and grains).  I will help you work out the bugs, develop strategies for integrating the diet into your lifestyle, and identify any modifications you may need to thrive on the diet long term.  If applicable I will also suggest other therapeutic lifestyle changes, herbal medicines or other non-drug functional nutrition supplements to help you adapt, thrive or achieve specific health goals. 

Inspired Health Coaching Rates

Introductory rates:

  • Phone  consult (~30 minutes) | $45
  • Phone consult (~60 minutes) | $80

You will book a 45 minute call.  By email exchange before the set appointment I will determine if I can help you.  If no, I'll cancel the appointment at no charge to you.  If yes, then we will keep the appointment.  If we talk only 30 minutes you will pay $45, if we talk for an hour, you will pay $80.   You make payment after the appointment (service delivered satisfactorily).  

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