Simple Splits Flexibility Training Program

Can a man do the front and straddle splits when he is in his late 50s?

My very simple splits training program has so far enabled me to get front splits and very near floor straddle splits (also known as pancake) at the age of 58.  

In this video from November 15, 2019 I demonstrate my floor straddle or "pancake" ability on that date:

Its not complete yet – my chest is not to the floor – but I am making consistent progress from week to week.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see the progress as I post it. 

This is my left leg forward front split on November 11, 2019: 

The left leg forward is most difficult for me.  Its my litmus test for progress.

Several people have asked me what program I have used to get to where I am.  I decided that I would put the current program on a PDF and offer it in exchange for a subscription to my newsletter. In my newsletter I will periodically provide you with more knowledge and tips for gaining physical, mental and spiritual strength and health.  If you don't like the newsletter you can unsubscribe at any time.

Get your copy of the 13 page illustrated Gaining Strength Front and Straddle Split Training Program #1 by subscribing today!

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